Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Patriotic Belly Dance Costume


This is one of three bellydance costumes that I made for a show my daughters did. The theme of the show was America, which is why I used the red, white and blue colors. The top and hip yoke are red velvet and the skirt is a white chiffon. The top buttons in the back and the skirt zips on the side. I adorn the outfit with hand sewn sequins and bead trims. I did use a pattern which I altered to give the desired look. I stayed awake for 48 hours to get these done for the show!


Geoffrey Edwards: said...

Gorgeous, Jennifer! I can relate to the last minute sewing, though - I was working past midnight when I did my tango fashion show last year!

ANKH said...

That turned out very lovely. I miss having a flat