Thursday, October 29, 2015


MY PROJECT: 6 Hour Mad Hatter Costume. My daughter made the hat using a online tutorial from Fleece Fun Website here: I used a childs size Simplicity sewing pattern #2069 for the Jacket and skirt with length adjustments only. Coat fabric is a home decor pintuck Taffeta that has a color changing quality to it when viewed from different angles. Skirt is a lovely yellow and red plaid cotton. Trim on jacket collar and front placket detail are left over from making the hat and I used it to turn into bias tape for the jacket details. It helps to tie it all together. Boots were bought at goodwill, tights were bought at Target Neck tie belongs to my husband.
1. Hat and Jacket bias trim is Ramtex Microsuede Apple:

2. Jacket is made from Diamond Pintuck Taffeta in Iridescent Rust:

3. Skirt plaid similar here:

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Thursday, October 8, 2015



Britex Fabrics San Francisco, CA
Great Fabric store where your sewing dreams can run awry! With the large signage on the outside of the store, your mouth begins to water once you turn onto the street and it comes into view. Upon entering the first floor my eyes adjust to the wall to wall textiles and my heart begins to pound as a sales associate greets me with a smile. I’m guessing by the dazed look on my face she must have known I had never been in the store and she began explaining the 4 floors and their contents. I had brought my husband along and he looked as mesmerized as I must have. We spent a couple of hours in the store exploring each floor and climbing the stairs and viewing the sewing artwork in each stairway as we ascended. I touched and pulled at bolts of fabrics from all over the world and finally realized I would have to leave so many bolts behind. Another day fabric, another day. I walked out with 8 yards of two different silky dress fabrics, 2 yards of a grey wool and a leather piece that my husband couldn’t live without and he wants to learn how to work with leather now. We paid our sizable bill at the register on the first floor and walked out with dreams of new projects dancing in our heads. 
If you get the chance to visit them, it is such a treat. If not check out their website and they are having a 30% Off Almost Everything In-Store + Online!
30% Off Online** -- October 12th, midnight to midnight PST

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Eli's Baptism Outfit

Eli's Baptism Outfit 

This outfit was made for my grandson’s baptism. 
I used a white batiste fabric with tone on tone stripes. 
The pattern used was Simplicity 2457 view D in a 6 months size.
Both the bonnet and jumper fit perfectly but the baby shoes were too small.

Unfortunately we live across the country from my precious grand baby to get a accurate measurement for his little feet. A Sublime transfer pen was use to trace the shamrock design onto the same batiste fabric fabric and then I just hand embroidered over it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Painted Modular Leather Basket

One interlocking template piece pdf included in link at bottom of the page
No glue or staples needed.

Paint is one of the quickest and easiest ways to craft. Many people don’t realize how quality of paint can improve a crafts look or turn it into a disaster. For my project I used Lumiere Acrylic paints which has the best coverage and choice of beautiful colors. This paint is now my favorite to use for all of painting crafts. Check out my project to see how well only one coat on leather works.
Full tutorial and download piece available here:

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Upcycle Tee From Burdastyle 2/2010

Here are photos of my just finished upcycled project for a cancer fundraiser walk on Friday. I don't like to wear t-shirts so I alter them to be more figure flattering. The before shirt was a regular short sleeve version that I turned into a boatneck raglan style. On this one I used a Burdastyle pattern from the 2/2010 magazine or from the website here:…/…/boatneck-shirt-022010  The black sleeve material was from the body of another all black tee. 

From the scraps I had my daughter make the braided headband accessory seen around the neck. That tutorial can be found here:

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sewing With All Types of Patterns - Vintage & Retro


Have you limited your creativity to using just one type of sewing pattern? Maybe you were not even aware about the types of sewing patterns that are available today. For instance there are vintage paper sewing patterns, modern paper sewing patterns, downloadable sewing patterns (PDF's and other file formats from the computer), magazine insert sewing patterns and I'm sure there are probably others available and new ideas coming in the future we haven't even dreamt of yet. So, lets get back to the question, "Have you limited your creativity to using one type of sewing pattern?" If so there could be a multitude of reasons to why. Some of it could be fear of the technical difficulty. Maybe you just started our on one type and didn't see a reason to use the other types. Well, it's time to get over it!

Lets take look at some of the advantages to using vintage or retro sewing patterns. We will take a look at the other types in later blog post under this series.

1. Mix n match. Did you know that you can combine patterns from different companies, types and even era's to create a style all of your own? Yep, it's true! It may require a bit of drafting to correct for style or fit difference but it can be done. You may not care for a sleeve on one pattern or just simply desire a different style of neckline from another, so change it to work for you. Customizing fit and style are one of the many reasons I sew.

2. Fit. Are you shorter than the average person today? Vintage patterns are designed for shorter heights and curvy figures. A matter of fact many help to show off the curves you have. My daughters are just under 5'2" and on the very petite size. They are proportioned much the way the women from the past era's have been. When using vintage sewing patterns to sew for them, I rarely have to make alterations for height or figure size. You may find that you are proportioned for vintage sizes as well, so give them a try.

3. Design. Unique design features that we don't see in present fashion. Being unique might be important to you so using vintage or retro designs to obtain that one-of-a-kind look would be a great advantage. Many of the older patterns have beautiful drapes at the waist, neck or back. Speaking of backs, many of these unique patterns have extremely interesting back side features such as open back, draped back, jeweled back or no back that hangs from the hips and shoulders. Can you imagine the gossip you would stir wearing something like one of these to a fun event?

4. Re-issued. Today many pattern company's offer a vintage or retro line of patterns. If you're not comfortable with the real vintage ones then try one of these. They are updated to reflect modern sizing and modern markings, directions etc. Always remember to check your measurements with each pattern.

Blogs to help with vintage patterns. These cover techniques, care and storage and helpful tips.

1. Threads Magazine:

2. the little tailoress:

3. Sew Craftful:

Examples of vintage/retro patterns I've sewn:
1. Butterick 6175 (year1970)
2. Vogue 5132 (year 1960)
3. McCalls 2177 (year 1960)

4. Simplicity 6838 (year 1968):


Watch for the continuation of this series of Sewing With All Types of Pattern to include PDF's, Magazine's,  Other Languages, DIY's & Tutorials.