Thursday, October 8, 2015



Britex Fabrics San Francisco, CA
Great Fabric store where your sewing dreams can run awry! With the large signage on the outside of the store, your mouth begins to water once you turn onto the street and it comes into view. Upon entering the first floor my eyes adjust to the wall to wall textiles and my heart begins to pound as a sales associate greets me with a smile. I’m guessing by the dazed look on my face she must have known I had never been in the store and she began explaining the 4 floors and their contents. I had brought my husband along and he looked as mesmerized as I must have. We spent a couple of hours in the store exploring each floor and climbing the stairs and viewing the sewing artwork in each stairway as we ascended. I touched and pulled at bolts of fabrics from all over the world and finally realized I would have to leave so many bolts behind. Another day fabric, another day. I walked out with 8 yards of two different silky dress fabrics, 2 yards of a grey wool and a leather piece that my husband couldn’t live without and he wants to learn how to work with leather now. We paid our sizable bill at the register on the first floor and walked out with dreams of new projects dancing in our heads. 
If you get the chance to visit them, it is such a treat. If not check out their website and they are having a 30% Off Almost Everything In-Store + Online!
30% Off Online** -- October 12th, midnight to midnight PST

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