Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ghost Pops Halloween Project

Ghost Pops I made using suckers wrapped in white linen. First I cut circles about the size of a salad plate. Wrapped the sucker and used chenille wire to hold in place. Glued google eyes using fabric glue. I made 40 of these for a craft show and sold every one of them!

List of items to create project:
Bag of suckers
white linen or other white fabric
decorative chenille wire (aka: pipe cleaners)
google eyes (I used 7mm size)
Fabric glue (I used Beacon Adhesives Fabric-Tac Permanent Adhesive)
Round salad plate for template

The box was made by covering a small shoebox with card stock paper and punching holes in the top. Letters were made using my handy dandy cricut machine.


mahaila said...

Oh my goodness these are soooooo cute! In Australia we don't really celebrate Halloween, but this year in Germany I got to make some Halloween decorations for a kids party. I loved it! I should have made something like your creations;)

sew4my3 said...

Very neat! Let me know when you post your newly made Halloween fun. I would love to see what you come up with!