Sunday, June 10, 2012

Graduation Rosette's on Rulers

These were made the night before my son's high school graduation by my daughters and myself. We used the cricut cartridge Ribbons & Rosettes. RIBBONS & ROSETTES Cartridge

When he did his graduation walk, we yelled and waved these little attention getters in the air. LOL

Anyway, on with the craft. We used black card stock and red card stock (high school colors) on the cricut machine to make the rosettes and circles. We used fabric ribbons in red/black and cream plaid, also solid red and solid black. The stick is a ruler. Some heavy duty glue everything glue (including fingers, clothing, and other unintentional things). 

Gwendolyn copied some of my son's (Nathan) senior pictures on regular printer paper at home.

It took six 3" cutouts of the star design to make one rosette. One 2" circle for the photo to be mounted on and the same for the back of rosette. Make sure you cut the photo slightly smaller so the color of the circle shows a little. Make a total to three 2" circles. I mounted the ribbon in between the circles on the back for a cleaner look.

This project can be done alone but the extra set of hands really helped with keeping everything together so it could be glued.  That's it so give it a whirl!

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