Friday, April 5, 2013

Embroidery Brooch Kit For Kollabora Open Lab Evening


This little embroidery brooch kit can be purchased through Kollabora here: Chained Embroidered Brooch Kit and here: Native red/purple Brooch Kit

I made this when I went to visit the office of Kollabora for work and play. I am one of the "Kollabora Community Experts" that helps out with any questions that our community might have. 

Now on to the play time (open Lab). I was traveling from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and did not bring a project to work on but was given one of these wonderful Brooch Kits by Urbahnika that they had in stock. I found it quite fun to make and think I did okay for my first one. I hope to do more soon. Simply too much fun not to.

Even more fun was meeting the wonderful friends to craft with and they were all working on their own crafts, from knitting, sewing, embroidery, leather work and chain jewelry. If you are ever in the New York SOHO area when Kollabora has their "open lab" on the first Tuesday of each month, please attend. You will love it!

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