Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mixed media sewing 

Mixed media sewing - The creative processes of tearing, burning, staining, layering, image transfers, knitting, crochet, sewing and using unique design materials such as plastic bags, photographs, yarn, paint and more. (Why not use all of them!?)

More than ever before, sewers are discovering the thrill of combining sewing with mixed-media, showing the world that stitches are not just for fabric anymore!
Here is an example of using this technique in clothing:

Whether you're already a rule-breaker or you're looking to improvise by creating fabric and designs that explodes with color, pattern, and soul. I challenge you to liberate your sewing! I give you the green light to make surface design and mixed media art by breaking the rules. This could satisfy your deep down need for justification for NOT sewing on the straight and narrow.There is no right or wrong way of creating. 

How many of you have considered trying to make a piece of wearable art? How do you feel about this type of sewing? Do you have a recommendation for mixed media websites to check out? And what is your sewing style?

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