Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nap Time Blanket and Pillow For Kindergarten

Here is another' long ago creations' that I made for my little boy when he started kindergarten. He is now in the Air Force and is greatly missed at home. This is a little blanket made from all cotton fabric with a race car print mixed with solids red and blue. I made a matching little pillow from the race car cotton. When I made this for my son, I had hoped he would remember that mommy made it for him and that I was kind of there with him during nap time. He always loved taking this to school and then it became his travel blanket over the years till one day I caught him wrapping it around his regular pillow on his bed  when he was just 13. That's my boy!!! haha It's now put away in a safe place so that one day when he is ready for it again, I can give it back to him good as new. Enjoy the project but enjoy who you're making it for more!

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