Thursday, August 7, 2014

Maternity Sewing Pattern List

This list of Maternity patterns will be expanded as I find them. They are a combination of "for sell" and "free". 

1. BLOUSE 16H(French)

3. TUNIC MIDI (French)

4.DUO 13H(French)

5.BLOUSE 22H(French)

6. Ruched Maternity Tee (English) by Megan Nielsen

7. Wrapped Maternity Top (English) by Megan Nielsen

8. Basic Blouse (Polish) by papavero (FREE)

9. Maternity Top Jenna (English) by Loulou James

10. Maternity top Celia (English) by Loulou James

11. Maternity top Isabelle (English) by Loulou James

12. Mandy Maternity Top (English) by Style Arc

13. Peasant Maternity Top Small only (English) by Make Baby Stuff


1. 9 SKIRT (French)

2. Ruched Maternity Skirt (English) by Megan Nielsen

3. Maternity Pencil Skirt Meg (English) by Loulou James

4. Maternity A-line Skirt Emily (English) by Loulou James

5. Maternity Pull on skirt Olivia (English) by Loulou James

6. Maternity Skirt Ava Folded Waist (English) by Loulou James


1. Andy Maternity Pant (English) by Style Arc

1. DUO 13H (French)

2. DRESS 14H(French)


4.Dress pattern (Polish) by papavero (FREE)

5. Maternity Puzzle Dress 1 (Polish) by papavero (FREE)

6. Maternity Dress Jenna (English) by Loulou James

7. Maternity Dress Naida (English) by Loulou James

1.7:00 COAT (French)

2.JACKET 11AM (French)

3. Maternity Cardigan Gemma (English) by Loulou James


1. Maternity Survival Pack (English) By Megan Nielson

2. Maternity Band Bridget (English) by Loulou James (FREE)

3. Maternity Bandeau (English) by Style Arc

4. Maternity Set & Free Gift (English) by Style Arc

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