Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Good Friends Visit

We were so happy to welcome a good friend that we have not seen or communicated with in 4 years, we call him Master Kim! We met Master Kim 10 years ago when we enrolled our then 5 year old son in his Taekwondo school. Nathan progressed through the many levels of the martial art as we all built a rewarding friendship. Then in 2004 Master Kim had to close his school and move and we also had to move. Somehow our move dates happened on the exact same day in October of 2004, us heading to Georgia and Master Kims family heading to Indiana. We lost touch as phone numbers changed and communication was no longer possible, but then in Master Kim looking through old paperwork from his school found our email address and sent us an email not knowing if that would still be active. We were elated when we received the email and quickly responded! The timing was great as we were moving back to the Midwest and would be closer to our good friend. Well, the weekend of Oct. 25th 2008 was the weekend that we had a visit from Master Kim. We walked to dinner at the nearby Chancery restaurant, which is where this picture was taken. The rest of the weekend was spent catching up and reminiscing! The visit was too short so Nov.1, 2008 Nathan wanted to go to Master Kims new school in Indiana and work out with him again.


Sadie said...

I love reunitings... so.. did Nathan visit Master Kim on the 1st of Nov 2008? What belt is/was he at?

sew4my3 said...

Oh goodness! I missed this comment!

He is at 3rd degree blackbelt because that is as high as he can go for his age. It will be a while before he will be able to move up again, but him and my husband still attend classes.