Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wedding Bells Are Ringing - Pew Decor Tutorial

As we prepared for my daughters wedding the cost continued to rise, so after seeing that the pew decorations were going to cost $12 to $35 each pew, we decided to take this matter in to our own hands. There were no patterns on line to help and there was one on etsy with a cost of $10, so I would pass on that and just make up my own. After all how hard could a cone be?  I grabbed a plate and traced around it on cardboard to make a template/pattern for my cones, and all 24 came together quickly. My tutorial is included if you find you are in need of quick wedding decoration. I also have made on a little larger to use as my door decoration for Valentines Day, so you can use yours for other things than just weddings. Maybe goody bags for a party, put on placemat to hold napkins and cutlery. The options are endless! Good luck and Happy sewing!

My Tutorial will start below:

Supplies needed:
1. Plate or bowl to trace around
2. Cardboard for template/pattern
3. Markers
4. Scissors
5. 3yards of Burlap will make 24 small 10" pew cones
6. 3yards of lining fabric "   "   "    "    "  "   "   "   "   "
7. Thread
8. Sewing machine
9. Hand needle
10. Jute rope/string

1. take plate and lay on cardboard. Trace around edge of plate. This will be your pattern for cutting out all of your fabric.

2. Cut out all fabric pieces using the pattern and place them right sides together. 
3. Mark an 6 to 7 in opening space to turn the circle later and for jute rope placement.

4. Sew around the edge using a 5/8" seam or width of your choice. Make sure not to sew between the two areas as these need to be open.

5. Now you will want to clip in around the edges. You do this by clipping in to close to the seam. Do Not clip the stitching. This will help your circle lay flat when it is turned to the right side.  
6. Turn your circle to the right side and press with the iron. Press to the inside the edged of the opening and press. Put aside for the moment.
7. Take your jute rope and a ruler and cut into 12" long pieces. You will only need one on each cone.
8. Take your circle and your 12" of jute and lay on a flat surface. Place one end of the jute about 1" into the edge opening on one side and then do the same on the other end and pin.

9. Take to your sewing machine and stitch about a 1/4 of an inch in from the edge and then stitch again as close to the edge as you can. Now you have a hanging circle, but keep going.

10. With your circle laying flat fold over one side and then the other making the opening at the bottom as small as possible and make sure your jute hanger is at the top.

11. Pin in place and grab your hand sewing needle and thread. You will want to start at the bottom on the underside and hand stitch all the way along the curve of the edge. Tie the end of the thread and your finished.

Now stuff them with your choice of greenery or goodies. Please post photos if you make these. I would love to see your work!  Happy Sewing!


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Wenni Donna said...

Wow, that looks amazing. I am surely going to give it a try. Well, our wedding day is approaching soon and we are quite busy in the preparations. We would be having a night ceremony at one of the best rooftop Los Angeles wedding venues. Hopefully, everything will be as planned.