Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wedding Bells Are Ringing! Series #1

The invite may say 'optional,' but opting for high glamour has always won out. When that really ritzy gala or wedding comes your way, you’ll do well to slip into this chic dress that offers all the classic elements of elegance. To top it off, a rhinestone-buckle belt keeps you dazzling as the toasts mount and the sweets disappear. 

I made this dress for my daughters wedding rehearsal and dinner. The style is retro 60's and made from a ivory woven raw silk, which meant it had to be totally lined to avoid those embarrassing see through moments. Luckily I had an vintage belt buckle in my supplies and was able to make the belt using it. Over all it was a fairly easy dress to fit, at least easier than some others. 

This will be a series of items made for the wedding on Dec. 15, 2012 and there will be a free tutorial sometime during the series so check back often to see when it's posted.


Sadie said...

Whoa! a total shocker! Is she that old already! I can't tell which one of the twins this is. Is that Hannah? Congratulations!! It feels like I've just woken from a crayo sleep or something.. been so long since we'd last spoken.. years may be... I've always had you in my thoughts.

sew4my3 said...

Wow! So great to hear from you!

This is Gwendolyn that got married after a 2 year traditional engagement. We had a great wedding.

How are you? Are you back home now? I haven't checked your blog in a while so I guess I need to do that and see what you've been up to.

Do you have a facebook account that you share with friends or do you keep yours private. I usually keep my private but have a lot of photos to share if your interested. Here is the link:

Love to hear what you've been up to! Talk to you soon.